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Necrophonic App reviewed by Huff Paranormal

Huff Paranormal famous for building ghost boxes and talking to the dead reviews the Necrophonic ghost app. At the time of writing this, the ghost app is $9.99. Some people want to see if it is worth the money at that steep price.

He does get some words coming through like God, Jerry, in light. I have used the app and I did get some words to come through and not the same as his. Also seems they didn’t communicate a lot on mine.

I do like the app that it is quiet. I use another app (Sono X10 free version) that seems to get a lot more communication but it is constantly noisy and hard to pick up on responses until I listen to the recording then I hear things more.

Huff says this app uses short sounds and the ghosts have to piece them together which makes it difficult to put together what they are saying. He likes radio scanners that give variable lengths.


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